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Joe Buccheri

Film, Television, Voice Talent


2901 Gray Manor Terrace                                                                   Phone 443-322-4670

Baltimore MD  21222                                                                  e-mail: jpb2@comcast.net

Hair – Brown                                                                                             Eyes – Hazel

Weight – 200 lbs.                                                                                      Height – 6ft.

Left Handed                                                                                              A. R. 55-70

Jacket 44L                                                                                                Slacks 36-33

Shirt 16/33                                                                                                 Shoes 11



The Dark - Detective – DEA – Featured        Gang From Texas – Alfredo – Featured

Black Marble – Detective – Featured          Race Home – Minister

Mondo Power – Priest                                 High Point – Hit man – Stunt Driver

Radio Junkie – Consultant to the Producer    Family Dog – Father



M.A.S.H. - Studio Grip                            Flying High – Airline Pilot – 3 Episodes

America’s Most Wanted – Attorney        Criminal Pursuit ID TV (Bombshell) FBI Agent Jeff McKinney


SPECIAL EVENTS ( Internet Television)

  • Bluesette Reunion & Benefit Show for the Maryland Food Bank – Host
  • Moon Out Loud Benefit for International Musician, Luis Adolfo Dorieux – Host
  • Music Rocks Autism, Ocean City, Md. - Host


Major music concerts - Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, and California. Participating national recording artists included, The Who, ZZ Top, Steve Miller Band, Kiss, Jethro Tull; Rod Stewart, just to name a few.



Maryland Drivers License, Black Tuxedo, Motivational Speaker, Substitute Teacher, Certified Relaxation Therapist, Honorable Discharge United States Navy, FBI Clearance to work with young adults and children, Homeland Security Clearance.

                                                       HAVE SUIT CASE - WILL TRAVEL